Why hire an indexer with a science and medicine background?

Michelle's education includes a doctorate in podiatric medicine and a bachelor of arts in biology.

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All types and levels of science and medicine books can benefit from an index produced by a professional indexer with a passion for—and a deep knowledge of—science and medicine.

Reading and digesting science materials are second nature to me. More than that, my background in medicine enables me to produce indexes that are accessible to both the novice and expert user.

You might think that someone with my background would have difficulty breaking down complex concepts for a general audience. But I have had plenty of firsthand experience, as a doctor, explaining medical issues to patients so they can understand how to get better.

Simplifying complex concepts and jargon is central to both practicing medicine and science and to indexing books about them. In both cases, I know how to use terminology and ideas that can be understood by a range of readers, making the book through its index accessible for everyone

I also index more than just science and medical books. Trade books, on a wide range of topics, make up 50% of my indexing work. And I find that my experience in science and medicine indexing informs my indexing practices. Here’s an example where my background came in handy when indexing outside of my medical and science specialty.

Do you have a science or medical book that would benefit from my expertise in medicine and indexing?

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