Trade Books

Are they easier to index than other types of books?

Frequently Asked Questions

Biographies. Consumer health books. Cookbooks. How-to-books. Nature. Travel. Business. Self-help.

I index more than just medical and science books. Indexing trade books makes up about 50% of my indexing work.

Books for the general audience tend to be easier to read and digest, but indexing trade books presents its own challenges:

  1. Lengthy restrictions
  2. Multiple and varying audiences of readers
  3. Vocabulary specific to the subject

Knowledge of the subject’s vocabulary is paramount, and research is often required to produce a succinct index that is accessible to a wide range of readers.

So, are trade books easier to index? Not always. And the cost of indexing trade books depends not only on the number of words per page but also on the difficulty of analyzing concepts and conveying the book’s content to the intended audience. My rate for trade book indexing starts at $3.75 per page.

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