This is indexing.

Writing about indexing


When people discover that I’m a freelance book indexer, most say, “Wow, I never knew this type of job existed!” Or they ask, “What is an index?” and “Doesn’t a computer do that?”

That’s why I write about indexing on this website—to explain indexing to a wider audience. All my writing is curated on my portfolio page. There, you will also find my Now page, pinned to the top row. It’s an overview of what I’ve been doing.

On this website, I even offer you a peek at what’s currently on my desk and on my mind. And I let you in on what I’m listening to on my morning and afternoon walks. Hint: click on the purple boxes in the footer. These vignettes are meant to capture the moment and are not preserved in my portfolio.

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I might be biased, but I think the final 3% of a nonfiction book deserves to be in the spotlight once in a while.

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