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News last modified 28 March 2024

Late March 2024*

Right now, I am surrounded by snow. It’s late March, and just last week, we thought we were deep in mud season here in northern New England. And so, the snow-melt-mud cycle has begun again. This is spring in northern New England.

Regardless of what it looks like outside, in March I start seeds indoors. First the onions, then the peppers. Then in quick succession, tomatoes, broccoli, and so on. Peas are typically planted, with great hope, the first week in April if the ground isn’t frozen and covered with snow. But they never come up until the first week in May.

My ponies are tired of mud season. They are in small paddocks, to protect the soft ground of the fields. Then, together, we wait for grass to grow. Surrounded by piles of hay, they eat peacefully. I wonder if they are more impatient than they let on. Then I hear one of them squeal, and press their ears flat against their head, signaling to their buddy that the hay pile is no longer big enough for the both of them. The paddock probably does feel too small after having the run of the fields throughout the winter.

My kids are on break from their college studies, but they’re not home. They traveled to friends’ houses. After years of homeschooling, it is strange to not have them home for long stretches of time (months!). But I am happy for them.

As for me, I’m tweaking my work schedule to accommodate some vacation days coming up. I have a steady stream of work through the summer and into the fall, with room to accommodate some more projects. This is what I call the sweet spot of a work schedule—not too much or too little, with space to stretch when the interesting projects come along. It feels just right.

Recording season 2 of my podcast is coming to a close, and Season 3 is already in the planning stages.

I joined a book group hosted by the librarian in the town just north of me. The first meeting is in May, and we’re reading The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell. The book list is already made, and none of the books were on my to-be-read list. I’m looking forward to reading off of someone else’s list!

And I’ll be heading over to a local barn with an indoor riding ring once a week to stretch my riding muscles before swinging my leg over my ponies later this spring. We, the ponies and me, take a break from riding because of the unpredictability of riding conditions in the winter.

Due to the snow, my twice-daily walks with the dogs will be on the dirt roads as opposed to the fields and the woods in the coming weeks, but that will change soon enough.

I’m also writing more than I have since high school.

Right now, all of this feels good.

* This page will change with the seasons, or with shifts in my life—it’s a once-in-a-while check-in, more like a wide-angle view.

At the bottom of this page in purple boxes, and on every page of this website, are vignettes of what I’m thinking and doing workwise from week to week, more or less. These are not archived. When I write a new vignette, the previous one is not preserved on the main pages of the site, except by links. For example, on the day I posted this “now” piece, here is what was on my mind. And you can find out what was on my desk, in my ears, and in my queue. They might reappear through a link once in a while but are no longer displayed on the website.

Like the “On my desk series” series, Now pages are not archived. Why? Because they are snapshots in time. The essence of the Now page is to capture what I’m up to right now, not to chronicle what I’ve done in the past. When a new Now page is published, the old one becomes “then” and is no longer relevant.

What was the inspiration for this “Now” page, and its fleeting nature? This post by Derek Sivers. I hope you’ll read it and add a Now page to your site, too. 

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