In my ears

The future of creativity and AI

30 April 2024

In preparation for attending a webinar that focused on the impact of AI in publishing, I re-listened to the Rethinking podcast episode with on the future of creativity with AI., is the front man for the Black Eyed Peas and will be hosting a new radio show, Presents the FYI Show, with an AI host, FYIona (pronounced like the name Fiona.). The radio show will debut on April 27th, and I’m all ears. talked extensively about creativity but states he doesn’t look to his tech company’s artificial intelligence app FYI to help with creativity. Instead, he stated, “I like using it for information gathering. I love to banter and converse with it to spark ideas for me to then be creative. I’m not looking for it to augment or do creative tasking. It’s horrible at that.” (Emphasis is mine.)

Toward the end of the conversation, another use for AI came up, which brought to mind the psychoanalysis text I am indexing.