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Psychoanalysis deadline

19 April 2024

Next up for me is a book on psychoanalysis. The editor warned me that this one is more difficult and involved than their other books. I’m intrigued, but a little worried about the timeline.

When I add an index to my schedule, I am focused not only on the time it takes to compile the index; I also must figure downtime into the indexing process timeline. I’m not referring to time away from the index for breaks, but rather time away from the index to contemplate the structure and the unique-to-the-book rule for picking up information. Often, I start a book, then work on a different project for a day or two while I mull over the proper approach to the original project, examining the structure of the book and the forthcoming index from different angles to determine the best way forward. This type of strategizing isn’t necessary for every book, but I have a feeling this book will require more time than allotted to accommodate this type of approach.

Once I see the text, I may ask to extend the index deadline. Not because I don’t have the time to complete it by the deadline, but because the book will be improved with scheduled “distancing” from the project.