In my ears

No recommendations. Well…maybe one or two.

24 May 2024

A bout of head congestion over the past week had me avoiding listening to podcasts and audiobooks while walking or doing barn chores. Usually, my listening device of choice is a bone-conduction headset (Shokz OpenRun). I absolutely love these headsets because they are waterproof and allow me to hear my surroundings, whether I’m walking on the road, working around my horses, or gardening. Add to that, they’re lightweight, they hold their charge, they have never fallen off or shaken loose (because they are not ear buds), and they seem indestructible. (Did I mention that they are waterproof?) However, they do not mesh well with sinus congestion. Wearing them morphed a dull ache at the temple into a full-blown headache. So you’ll need to check back next week for podcast suggestions!

But, if you’re a horse lover looking for a new book to read, or if you have a horse-crazy girl in your life, may I recommend one of my recent Substack posts, “Buy a Horse Book Day”? It’s a long ramble, an ode to the equestrian book genre. Here’s a brief quote:

I couldn’t spend all my days in the presence of horses. This was only a once-a-week occurrence in the warmer weather. But as soon as I could read, I found another way. I filled my mind with other people’s stories of them.

Until next week!