In my queue

May’s shifting schedule

13 May 2024

I have an interesting collection of projects lined up for May—another history book (this one about Japan) and a biography of a scientist. And one more book on menopause. Is 2024 the Year of Menopause?

Also on my desk is a microbiology textbook. This one will span several months. I will dip in and out of it each week. Because the chapters cover distinct topics, it’s not hard to index this book simultaneously with other projects. It’s coming to me in chapter sets so it’s well-suited to this type of work schedule. (I’ve talked a little bit before about the indexing process for books that come in “in parts”.)

A scheduled indexing project on herbalism has shifted to June. That means I have more time to work on the microbiology textbook.

Maintaining a full indexing schedule requires flexibility. I keep my schedule on an Excel spreadsheet designed as a calendar so moving projects around isn’t a problem. On my desk, I have a small monthly calendar where I write project due dates in ink. I need to keep my “white-out” correction tape handy.