On my mind

Independently-owned and local bookstores

13 May 2024

Recently I listened to Smart Women by Judy Blume, the beloved author of books for children and teens, but also for adults. She is also the co-founder (her words, not mine; read about why the term “co-founder” was used) of the bookstore Books & Books @ The Studios of Key West. You can check out the bookstore if you’re in Key West (lucky you!) in person. If you’re not, the website has great options at the tab, “Can’t Get To The Shop?” including the opportunity to listen to audiobooks purchased through the store on Libro.fm, a great alternative to Audible.

In my town, we have an independently-owned local bookstore that makes it easy for me to order a book and pick it up within a couple of days—faster than Amazon. I can pick up my book with my dog, Jamie Tartt, then head for a stroll around town and the surrounding neighborhood, made easy by the sidewalks. (We have no sidewalks on my country roads, so this bookstore trip is always a fun treat for my dog. Double win.) The store even offers space (for free!) for local groups to meet. It makes me think that my local bookshop might be the right place for a new mastermind group to congregate…yet another thing on my mind!