On my desk

Concrete indexing project

19 March 2024

The above title contains no typos. I’m really indexing a document on standards for precast concrete components for contractors and builders. This project might, on the surface, appear to have nothing to do with my specialties: science and medicine indexing. When I entered the indexing field, I thought I’d be indexing mostly medical books because of my educational background. But I’ve become a generalist, indexing a wide swath of topics from popular music to religious curricula for middle schoolers. Honestly, I’m receiving a stronger liberal arts education as an indexer than I did at Swarthmore College!

What I find most interesting about this concrete project is that my medical background is coming in handy. The reader of this document will be looking for specifics to guide their decision-making process on the use of concrete in their building projects, much like a medical professional would approach a reference book about anatomy or medications.

I love it when my work in other fields informs my indexing process.