In my ears

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

29 March 2024

All right. I’m late to the party. This award-winning book by Neil Gaiman has been out for over two decades. And there’s a 3-season television series based on this book. But during the time since this book has been published, I’ve raised two kids (the oldest is turning twenty-one in a few weeks) and homeschooled them through high school, I closed my medical practice, I became an indexer, and, well, I read lots of books. Just not this one. Nor have I seen the television series.

But the description of the book reminded me of The Postman by David Brin, a sci-fi book I read in college and loved. I was intrigued.

I am listening to the full cast audio production of the author-preferred version of the book. It’s an immersive experience. I love full cast audio productions, and the cast in this audio book does not disappoint. I am just through the first chapter, and I am thoroughly captivated. It will be in my ears for the foreseeable future. It’s a long audio book, almost 20 hours, but I think I’ll even fit in some house cleaning for a chance to listen to it longer. Usually, I prefer to avoid housekeeping duties—there’s always something else to do, right? But for a chance to listen to this book, I’ll make an exception.