Learn more about Michelle Guiliano — indexer, business owner, doctor, podcaster.

Michelle Guiliano, DPM

Michelle began her indexing career by accident, during a long sabbatical from practicing medicine while raising her young children. While volunteering at a book sale in 2013, she learned about indexing from a neighbor. The more she listened to her neighbor chat about her work, the more appealing indexing sounded—providing just the right balance of intellectual stimulation, family life, and entrepreneurial spirit. Michelle realized then that she’d found a new professional direction.

And she has never looked back. In the years since, she has applied her in-depth science education and medical experience to indexing science and medicine trade books and textbooks. She has also become quite the generalist by indexing other far-ranging topics, from the rise (and fall) of disco to nature books and biographies of equestrians. She’s even indexed two complete multi-volume (yes, two!) K-6 math curriculum series.

Today, Michelle can proudly say that she has indexed more than 135,000 pages in more than 300 books. Better yet, she has entertained her family and friends with all sorts of strange tidbits gleaned from those pages. Did you know the Smurfs were Belgian? And that commercial vanilla beans come from orchids? She can even tell you, in detail, about the East-West gangster rap feuds.

Indexing—with its variety, flexibility, and opportunities to work with fascinating experts in a variety of fields—has proven to be just the right fit for this former podiatrist. Most recently, she’s grown her passion for indexing into a number of related ventures, including producing and hosting the popular podcast Freelance Indexer Exchange and writing  her newsletter This is indexing.